Introduction: "Submission" - By LISA TREACY

“Submission” to an other suggests the belittling of self. It can mean loss, subjugation, weakness and exclusion. We are all beholden to something or someone. It’s a condition of the human life to be answerable to our values, our culture, our aspirations. We are led by our fears, dreams, and peers; we follow heroes, religions and gods. We all find ourselves victims of circumstances, regimes, ideologies or perceptions of fate.

What could a modern faith community have to say to such a reviled, provocative, archaic theme?

It turns out that the people of St Brendan’s in the City have stories of hope, redemption, love and resurrection in relation to Submission. Whether it is submission to life’s curve balls or inevitabilities; challenging personal or professional contexts; the common characteristics of choosing life and pursuing beauty are present. In their own way, each person adopts a posture of submission to the goodness and mercy of a loving Father.

Reflective inspiration approach to the Spring/Summer 2016 Edition

At St Brendan’s 2016 Lenten Retreat Dr Nancy James introduced to us a set of poems by Madame Guyon written in response to a collection of emblems by D'Othon Vaenius.

We married this reflective approach with the essence of Macalla (that in the voice of the community I hear the echo of my self) and invited five artists in our community to create images speaking to the theme of “Submission”. The rest of the community was invited to respond to those images.

People shared their perspectives on “Submission” through both fiction and non-fiction; and poetry, prose, and a screen-play. We trust that you will hear your own story echoed through these beautiful considerations.

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